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This section is devoted to our clubs bylaws.

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September 12, 2013
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The University of Montana Anime Club Bylaws

Drafted August 2012 by Camden W. Jenkins

Approved by the University of Montana Anime Club September 2012

The University of Montana Anime Club is a student-run organization founded at the University of Montana by Michael Casey, Rianna Trujillo, Julia Lindquist, and Fiona and Trevor Jailings on August 2007 and affiliated with the ASUM. 

Article I. Purpose

1. The purpose of the University of Montana Anime Club is to provide a safe, alcohol free community for those interested in Japanese Animation and the surrounding culture. This community shall provide a non-exclusive welcoming environment and offer a creative and social outlet for its members. 

Article II. Membership

1. Membership within the University of Montana Anime Club shall be open to any person willing to join. The University of Montana Anime Club will not discriminate against any individual or group, provided they act as a positive influence for the club, its community, and its members.

2. General membership is free of charge and available for all. Official voting for elections and other club matters will take place upon the University of Montana Anime Club's official website ( Voting membership is reliant upon forum membership and enrollment at the University of Montana.

3. Membership can be revoked by the elected officials if warranted. If a member's behavior becomes disruptive or negative, they will be issued a warning from the elected officials. If the behavior persists after three warnings, the offending member may be removed from the club. The elected officials will deliberate and request that the offending member cease attending club functions for a suspension period. If the offending member fails to comply, the elected officials will approach an authority figure regarding the matter. Following suspension, the offending member's behavior will be reviewed for possible re-admittance. If their behavior continues to be disruptive, the offending member may be banned from club permanently. 

Article III. Elected Officers

1. The following positions are considered elected officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Spokesperson, and Events Coordinators.

2. A term of office is defined as a full school year, beginning with the fall semester and ending with the spring semester.

3. Elections will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. Nominations and voting will occur on the University of Montana Anime Club's official website. A blanket majority will determine who is elected. 

4. In order to be eligible to run for an elected officer position, a candidate must have been a contributing voting member of the University of Montana Anime Club for at least one year. Special exceptions to this rule may be issued by the current elected officers.

5. If an elected officer is no longer fit to perform their duties, the elected officers may chose to impeach them. Three of the elected officers must agree to impeach the unfit officer. At such time, an emergency election must be held to fill the position. With the exception of time, this emergency election is conducted in a similar fashion to a regular election.

Article IV. Elected Duties

1. The President is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the club. This includes hosting meetings, delegating special tasks, and overseeing special events. 

2. The Vice President is responsible for assuming the President's duties when the President is otherwise indisposed. This entails keeping close contact with the President and remaining up to date on club activities.

3. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the club's communal funds. In addition, the Treasurer plans each year's budget and advises the President and Spokesperson regarding said budget. 

4. The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of the meetings and posting them on the University of Montana Anime Club's official website. In order to fulfill their responsibilities, the Secretary is expected to attend the majority of meetings. The Secretary is also in charge of posting the official minutes on the University of Montana Anime Club's official website.

5. The Spokesperson is responsible being the liaison between the University of Montana Anime Club and the ASUM. This entails informing the club at large about school events and involvement opportunities. In addition, the Spokesperson is responsible for lobbying for funding and acting as the personal relations for potential members. This entails remaining up to date on the club's budget and maintaining an active online presence.

6. The Event Coordinators are responsible for planning and organizing major events including the annual trip to Sakuracon. Of the two Event Coordinators, one is elected by the group and one is nominated by the current Elected Officers. Both assume their positions at the same time as the other elected officials. Their duties include collecting funds for travel and rooms as well as communicating with the accommodations. 

Article V. Voluntary Officers

1. A voluntary officer is selected to oversee a special event or task requiring dedicated attention. Any member of the University of Montana Anime Club can serve as a voluntary officer. An elected official is required to appoint a voluntary officer. The voluntary officer may organize a committee to assist them in their assigned task.

Article VI. Activities

1. In order to provide a sense of community, club activities will be hosted on a regular basis. These activities will include two weekly meetings and a yearly trip to Sakuracon.

2. The administrative meeting will be held once a week in order to plan coming events, including the weekly showing. If necessary, the elected officers may meet in private during this meeting to discuss official business. The administrative meeting may also be used for general announcements, both for the club at large and for individual members.

3. The weekly showing will be held once a week in order to present selected anime and special club presentations. The content of the weekly showing will be decided upon during the preceding administrative meeting.

4. Every spring the club will organize a trip to Seattle for the yearly Sakuracon. The Events Coordinators will plan this event.

Article VII. Expected Club Behavior

1. All club members are expected to be a positive influence on their club. This includes avoiding disruptive behavior at official club events and on the University of Montana Anime Club's official forum. 

2. The University of Montana Anime does not approve or condone the illegal use of copyrighted materials. These materials will not be shown, discussed, traded, or permitted at official club events.

Article VIII. Amendments

1. These bylaws can be amended at any time by a blanket majority of voting club members. Unless otherwise determined by a majority of elected officers, the vote shall occur on the University of Montana Anime Club's official website.

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